• Renanda Feby Dekantari


Lesbian is a social phenomenon that cannot be denied. The existence of lesbian is recognized as a reality in the society and raise various reaction from the surrounding area. The denial from the surrounding
and wider area made the lesbian feel afraid, doubtful, and even ashamed to
show their true sexual identity. Thus became a persecutor to communicate
with the society. The communication involved between the lesbian and the
society is not easy, it needs process that the communication can be done
and in the end the lesbian existence can be admitted or accepted by the
surrounding area in such way that create the mutual understanding
To get the admission of their existence as a lesbian in the
surrounding society, the lesbian have to get involved in personal
communication process. When the lesbian stated their selves and interact
through interpersonal communication, certainly there is a distinctive
pressure in deciding what will be stated and what should be under the rose.
The research concerning lesbian interpersonal communication in
“Belok” community at Solo City is a descriptive qualitative research. The
process in conducting this research emphasized in qualitative research. In
order to be done further, this research was focused on the symbolic
interaction done by the lesbian about their selves and then observes how
the lesbian community interacts with the surrounding society which is
formed into their interpersonal communication using socio-cultural method

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