Strategi Komunikasi Pariwisata Mewujudkan Kampung Jamur Sebagai Destinasi Wisata Baru Di Era New Normal


  • Muchsin al-Fikri FISIP Universitas Sangga Buana Bandung, Indonesia
  • Sandra Irawaty FISIP Universitas Sangga Buana Bandung, Indonesia
  • Nunung Sanusi FISIP Universitas Sangga Buana Bandung, Indonesia
  • Deby Yolanda Putri FISIP Universitas Sangga Buana Bandung, Indonesia


Strategi, Komunikasi pariwisata, era new normal


The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated the world of tourism around the world, including in our beloved country. Not only world-class tourism destinations such as the beaches of Bali and Pangandaran were affected, the middle-class destinations fronted by MSMEs were also crushed. One of them is the 'Mushroom Village'tourism destination in Cisarua, West Bandung Regency. During the pandemic, MSMEs are the most vulnerable sector to be affected, especially in terms of marketing and sales of mushroom products. Moreover, Mushroom Village is being projected to become a new tourist destination in KBB. To realize these ideals, the West Bandung Regency Government cq the Tourism Office needs to reformulate and revise planning related to the obstacles to the ongoing covid pandemic. This study captures the tourism communication strategy carried out by the KBB Regency Government and MSME actors in the Mushroom Village, Cipeusing Village, Kertawangi Village, Cisarua District KBB rose from the Pandemic to the New Normal era.
Using descriptive qualitative research methodology with a case study approach. This approach is considered more relevant because Covid cases are new events and are evenly distributed in all areas of life.


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