Publication Ethic

The Journal of Appropriate Technology Services (JPTTG) is an electronic national journal reviewed by peer reviewers, available in print and online and published twice a year (September and March). This journal follows guidelines based on the Scientific Publication Code of Ethics sourced from COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) in dealing with all aspects of publication ethics, and in particular how to handle cases of research and publication errors. This statement explains the ethical behavior of all parties involved in the act of publishing an article in this journal, including the Author, the Editor in Chief, the Editorial Board, and the Peer Reviewers / Bestari Partners.
After you have finished reading the Scientific Publication Code of Ethics and this Statement of Misconduct, please download and fill out the ethics statement, sign and submit the Statement of Ethics as part of your initial article submission.

Ethical Guidelines for Journal Publications

The scientific publication of an article is the work of the thoughts of a person or group of people, after going through scientific study it is disseminated in the form of scientific papers, including journals, books, proceedings, research reports, scientific papers and posters. These scientific publications are a direct reflection of the quality of the authors' scientific papers and the institutions where the authors work. It is therefore important to agree on the ethical standards of behavior expected of all parties involved in publishing: authors, journal editors or editors, peer reviewers, publishers and the public.
The Interior Design Study Program as the publisher of the Appropriate Technology Services Journal, carries out the task of overseeing all stages of publishing carefully and also regarding our ethics and other responsibilities. We are committed to ensuring that advertising, reprint or other commercial revenue does not impact or influence Editors' decisions.