Sosialisasi dan Pelatihan Preventive Maintenance di Perusahaan Penggilingan Padi UD. Dewi Sri


  • Agung Widiyanto Fajar Sutrisno Universitas Sahid Surakarta, Indonesia
  • Bekti Nugrahadi Universitas Sahid Surakarta, Indonesia


Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Product Quality


Maintenance is a very important thing in a company. Maintenance has an important role in producing quality products. Problems arise when a company ignores maintenance activities so that it will have an impact on costs, services, and customers. This service activity aims to provide an understanding related to preventive maintenance for business actors, in this case the activity is carried out at the UD rice mill company. Dewi Sri in Secang District, Magelang Regency. Based on the activities that have been carried out, there are three things that become problems in the company, namely the presence of dust causing the place and equipment to always be dirty, there is no standard tool performance condition, and the lack of time for staff to carry out planned maintenance.


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