Peningkatan Penguasaan Simple Present Tense Mahasiswa Program Studi Kesehatan Masyarakat Stik Bina Husada Tahun Akademik 2020/2021


  • Agus Wahyudi STIK Bina Husada Palembang, Indonesia
  • Arief Pamuji STIK Bina Husada Palembang, Indonesia


English, Simple Present, Tense


As an international language, English plays an important role in how a person acquires knowledge, information, talents and communicates in order to develop with others at an international level. Grammar is indeed important to master, including when learning English. Students made mistakes in making simple present tense sentences both in written and spoken form. The classification was divided into three, Ellis (2003) stated that there were three errors in language learning, as follows: omission misinformation, misordering. This activity involved 12 students. This activity was carried out for 1 month and the material presented was simple present tense. Students understood the types of errors and were able to correct the sentences that had been made.


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