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Jurnal Pengabdian Teknologi Tepat Guna/JPTTG

This journal focuses on research results that can or have the potential to be applied by lecturers, students, researchers, practitioners and state officials. The results of applied research are the results of research activities that are applied in the form of knowledge transfer to the community. This activity aims to increase knowledge. skills and abilities. At the beginning of the year the Journal was published twice a year in March and September. In 2023, pilots will be published three times a year. Starting in 2024, In Shaa Allah, it will be published in March, July and November.

Attention: 1). Manuscripts without corrections from the editor and reviewer pay Rp. 200,000,00 as a publication fee. 2). Manuscripts that have been revised by editor and reviewer will be charged an additional fee according to the correction level. 3). The editor checks the manuscript for one month, and the reviewer checks the manuscript for two month.

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Vol. 5 No. 1 (2024): Teknologi Tepat Guna (JPTTG)
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This journal is published by Sahid Surakarta University in collaboration with the Service Journal Management Consortium. Journals are research results that can be applied, methods carried out by students, lecturers, teachers, ASN and researchers that have a changing effect on society. The journal is published in March, July and November each year. The journal has No ISSN: 2746-1300 (Print)ISSN: 2746-1319 (Online). The process of publishing journal articles is carried out in stages from manuscript submission, editor, reviewer, dummy, publication. This process is carried out openly so that the author has certainty about the time of publication.



Published: 2024-03-21


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