Makna Visual Video Campaign Peringatan Hari Air Dunia ke-30 Tahun 2022 Ditjen SDA Kementerian PUPR


  • Wahyu Munawar Prihantoro Universitas Sahid surakarta, Indonesia
  • Evelyne Henny Lukitasari
  • Ahmad Khoirul Anwar Universitas Sahid Surakarta, Indonesia



As a form of public awareness regarding the importance of groundwater for every living thing and in the future simultaneously managing, also managing water resources in a sustainable manner, Ministry of Public Works and Housing published a video campaign on PUPR_SDA youtube channel in order to commemorate “30th World Water Day 2022”. When watching a video, the viewer will undoubtedly have their own interpretations of the message and meanings represented by the signs. This study aims to show the message and meaning of each sign from the scene in the video campaign using Roland Barthes’s Semiotics analysis to describe the message with a more detailed explanation through the meaning of denotation and connotation in the 30th World Water Day 2022” video. From the fifteen scenes in the “30th World Water Day 2022” video, it was concluded that denotation interpretation appeared through the depiction of the fertility of rural agricultural areas demonstrating that water has enormous advantages, not only for humans, but also for plants and animals. On the other hand, connotative interpretation from the video was the water consumption must be done with caution. Water needs for future generations can be saved by making effort to save water and use groundwater wisely.

 Keywords: Video Campaign, World Water Day, Semiotic, Denotation, Connotation.




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