Desain Ilustrasi Untuk Buku Ensiklopedia Catatan Perjalanan Raja Majapahit Di Kota Bakulapura


  • Tony Adams Universitas sahid surakarta, Indonesia
  • Evelyne Henny Lukitasari


Historical stories have a moral message as a form of communication. History encyclopedia books are a visual communication medium to foster children's interest in reading. History Encyclopedia Bakulapura makes interactive children's books to improve relationships between children, parents and the general public, as well as increase children's interest in reading. The historical encyclopedia book entitled: " Desain Ilustrasi Untuk Buku Ensiklopedia Catatan Perjalanan Raja Majapahit di Kota Bakulapura" introduces letters through visual descriptions of characters and cultural history. Visual characters and cultural history in this book have a function to transfer the message. The visual meaning of historical characters and culture is analyzed using Semiotics theory by identifying visual elements and analyzing their connotative meanings. Researchers will only examine some of the main characters in the encyclopedia book. Identification of visual elements of characters and analysis of connotative meanings are presented in tabular form and translated using descriptive- interpretative techniques. Data collection techniques are carried out through literature studies and content analysis. The analysis results show that there are several visual compatibility of historical characters and culture with the characterization shown by the characters of historical encyclopedia books. The historical encyclopedia book entitled " Sejarah Ensiklopedia Bakulapura Catatan Perjalanan Kerajaan Majapahit di Kota Bakulapura Kalimantan Barat" also incorporates elements of Javanese, Dayak and Malay culture related to the daily lives of children.
Keywords : History, Character, Encyclopedia.




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