Perancangan Desain Kemasan Kletax Sebagai Media Pendukung Komunikasi Visual


  • Syaiful Arif Mawardikajati
  • Evelyne Henny Lukitasari


Visualisasi Desain Kemasan



Kletax is a micro, small, and medium-sized enterprise (MSME). Kletax's product is banana chip rolls, and based on observation data, the problem with Kletax's chip product is the lack of information on the packaging and the limited packaging variations. This has resulted in a decrease in sales. Therefore, the design of this packaging is expected to be beneficial for Kletax's product. The introduction of a new packaging will help provide clear information and make it more effective, efficient, attractive, and practical to carry. The design method to be used includes generating ideas, conducting surveys, identifying data, brainstorming, analyzing data, designing, and finally evaluating. This packaging design includes primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging, as well as supporting materials such as banners, t-shirts, and posters. The results of this final project design help increase product sales in a broader market and improve packaging quality.

Keyword: Kletax, Packaging, Visual communication





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